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8 Jan

Don’t waste what little time you have got left on emotions from the past. Look ahead with the enlightment your eyes have gained, your heart has felt,and your mind has finally grasped. That is the purpose of reflection – to not just understand what happened and why, but to make sure your future is not a mirror image of your past. Use it to decide what you need to do, to hold on to, to let go off – to become what your best self could be.



12 Aug

Happiness is sometimes a difficult emotion to put into words, because it can be so hard to understand. Maybe this is what makes one so hesitant towards feeling it – it’s rare, it’s extraordinary. It may even be blind – somewhat selfish – for it can exist without guilt. It makes others frown upon those who have found it, because it is so enviable at the same time. But it’s a gift, that knocks on everyone’s door, many still confused about its actuality to begin to let it in.

The Only

12 Jul

You were the only
moment of strength
in my lifetime
of powerlessness.


15 May

Ironic to find beauty

In that which is

At the brink of

Its death.

We are a cursed lot,

To begin to love

Only when our object

Is about to perish.

Be The One

5 May

As broken as I may be

I could be the one

To mend your broken

Show you the way

To safety again.

As lost as you may be,

You could be the home

I’ve been searching for

So I never have to be

Scared alone again.


1 May

I know your struggle all too well

To just sit back and watch you

As you crumble and succumb.

How do you not see, love

Just how much of yourself

You keep losing in this

Foolish game of heroism?

I Am

17 Mar

I am
Wandering, but not lost
Alone, but not lonely

I am likely
In deep
But definitely
not drowning.

What I surely am
Is floating in
Yesterday’s wreckage,

Daughter: Story Of A Girl

6 Mar

Tranquil state of mind
Suddenly sodden in chaos

Escape would mean fight
Fight would mean courage

But taught the art
Of neither, she understood

Destiny to be of
Only sacrifice and submission.


27 Feb

She always hoped for the unpredictable. But every single time, was left unsurprised with the predictability of the turnout of every situation. Guess it stood true what they said, there is no true despair without the presence of hope.

Unsupportive Self

26 Jan

Of all the things not there
When needed the most
In times of crisis
I miss myself the most.