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30 Jul

Caressing fingers

On bare skin

Dawn comfort

Emerge passion

Lock away in lust.


Chain Reaction

10 May

For every time

You clawed into

My skin

You created art

That inspired

My pen to stain

These pages

In poetry.


2 Mar

She stopped giving fucks
About the ones she fucked
Faster than a bullet
Could escape its barrel

After all, in the real world
Feelings were an overrated function
For the few grams of meat in her ribcage
That had a lot more to do than run the risk of figuratively breaking all the damn time.


10 Feb

No bad habit
Evil enough to
Make him my
Good habit.

Burn With Me

20 Jan

I never cared
The future is certain
That we are
Not meant to be
For I am not
Asking for love
All I need is
Right now is
For you to ignite my body
Just for tonight
Till I burn with me
The whole world down
Like the disaster
We together have
Always been.

His-&-Her Eight Word Story

10 Dec


In temptation
He lost
All of
His soul


In lust
She burned
Her ability
To love


12 Nov

You are, but
The epitome
Of my desire
A nourishment
For my soul
That will
Never expire.

Repulsive Creations

12 Oct

With a fire that burned us down to the bone
‘No’ was never something that could slip out of our lips
Taste so good in the dark but equally repulsive in the morning
As your hot breath turns stale
And perfume fades into the sweat
Backs to each other we depart
How could love cross our minds
When the lust we create can bring us back to life?

Devil’s Game

31 Aug

In midst of chaos
Occurred unfathomable theft
Devil in disguise
Promised everything asked
But shallow soul paid the price
In red light
Nostalgia struck
Care not for soul sold
Only for loss of a good fuck
Negatives of his conscious mind
Developed only into her body
To the taste of her lips
To the scent of her skin
All he saw and all he could remember
Was how easily to her he would surrender.

Might As Well

27 Aug

In stagnancy we find our living death
So we might as well mindlessly fuck till our brains are out of breath.