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Child of Darkness

9 Jan

Maybe it had been a dream, or a voice that you could hear only when silence surrounded you. Nevertheless, it was then, in the darkest hour of the night, that the truth finally became as clear as day. And you began to realize that the darkness wasn’t there to blind you, but to hide everything else that hid the truth from you all along.



17 Feb

Night befalls

Your absence

Still Lingers

My Hopelessness

Still persists.

Beauty Of The Less Bright

22 Jun

Even the ghosts that dwell on trees you seek shade under
Have got to appreciate
The beauty of the less bright this world offers.

Appreciate the long dark nights with rain and thunder
That within you initiated
A spark that cremated your fears
Even those buried within your dustiest corners.


17 Oct


Look up to the sky and know I’m looking at it too
I see what you can see and I am left just as breathless as you
The moon lights up my nights, just as I am aware it does for you
You haven’t the slighest clue, but all the moon does is remind me of us two
And how I’m nothing but a lost puzzle piece without you.