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Love And Obsession

17 Jun

Love is
Grasping a single moment’s of sleep
Just to feel his presence lurking in your dreams.

Obsession is
As dangerous as that bottle of sleeping pills you took
So you never have to lose his shadow, ever again.


Obsessed Stalker

14 Aug

Time slips away
And I stay behind
Wishing for words I wanna someday say
Yet I let them get ahead in line.

In line to talk to you
With a heavy heart that always beats so slow
Till my eyes see you and get stuck like glue
They bleed of passion nothing can stop the rushing flow.

But I smile, and I turn away
I see her in your arms and I know I lost
My obsessive thoughts turned from bright to gray
I shut my heart and freeze it till it’s covered in frost.

Back in my depression
Since the continuous suppression
Of my inconsolable obsession
Is filling me up with aggression
Excessive amount of hostility
Inside me, is feeding into my incapability
To function with sanity.

And I blame you.

I blame your perfection
Your undeniable attraction
It’s a dangerous infection
There’s no need for correction
When my eyes see you and get stuck like glue,
They bleed of passion, nothing can stop its rushing flow.