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24 May

I have written down words tainted with his soul. I have spilled my ink in the form of his face. So that every single time you will read these lines, I will smile as the beat of his heart begins to echo from within these pages. He resurrects back to life, through and through. He is my immortal, embedded on this earth forever. So all, but him, will ever know how I kept him alive, while I myself one day turned into dust.



21 Nov

Till the flames become dust
Till iron becomes rust
Till love blooms from lust
Till our hearts burst
Till no more we can hurt
Stay by my side
Darling, you must.

Writer’s Block

28 Jul

Someday some thing new
Maybe another person, another word, or even another dream
Will trigger the collapse of the obstacles in your way
The dam will break and creative juices will flow
Rushing through the towns in your mind
Flooding out every hidden thing
Trapped inside your neural map.

Odd Thing

10 Jul

I am an odd thing to know
And an even stranger thing to like
You would be ever so lucky if I like you back
Because intimacy, in general, I can never do right.

Do Not Love A Writer

30 Jun

The men who loved her wanted to become heroes of her romance novel
They wanted to be the one to pick her up and gallop her out of her perils

But she bothered not with them
She wrote not of them
Her thoughts were consumed with the ones who didn’t love her back
For she wanted to learn what it was that her full self lacked.