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Sundowns of Summer

25 Jun

Even more excruciating than the summer heat was the wait for the dusks that took almost forever to come. For she desired nothing more than to experience the wave of silence that washed over the city as the sunk began to sink, to feel that time is after all, unstill and constantly changing.


The Ascension

24 Jun

And when the sorrows of this world pulled me into the ground, it was Your love that gave me the power and the will to ascend. It was my belief in You that made me strong; strong enough to spin a tornado under my feet, to lift me over the skies and into Your warm embrace.


8 Jan

Don’t waste what little time you have got left on emotions from the past. Look ahead with the enlightment your eyes have gained, your heart has felt,and your mind has finally grasped. That is the purpose of reflection – to not just understand what happened and why, but to make sure your future is not a mirror image of your past. Use it to decide what you need to do, to hold on to, to let go off – to become what your best self could be.

Don’t Judge. Thank God.

6 Jul

You will never understand people unless you walk in their shoes. Or keep an open, observant mind when you click your heels next to theirs. We can only see a blurred full picture from a distance. But if we have not lived a life alongside theirs, we can just not hold any kind of judgement of them. We cannot be at the violet and judge that at the red of a rainbow.

We can only thank God for limiting our exposure, our experience of life and keeping us safe and our innocence intact. We can thank God for raising us where we never had to understand what pressure really looks like. We can thank God we met people who walked up a path similar to ours, so we did not have to try to empathize with who we call “rotten”, even if we had no will to sympathize with the being. We have to thank God we were not chosen to set an example or be a lesson to be learned from. We can thank him for giving us no struggles that even remotely were inflicted by society. We can thank God we had the ability to stay silent and dissolve into oppression and believe it to be a natural state of our occurence. We must thank God for giving us a life easier than majority.

Eternal Sunshine

16 Aug


Much truth lies in this quote. One of my favourite movies ever *_*


Merely Bad Luck

2 Jul

For there is merely bad luck in not being loved; there is misfortune in not loving.


Becoming You

28 Jun

Don’t waste time on guilt. Holding onto toxic relationships is what keeps us from growing. You’re forming every time you shed a layer. You’re getting closer to yourself.

– Adam Driver.


Ridiculous Mistake

28 Jun

Ridiculous Mistake

Yeah, I am absolutely in love with the show, and the quotes that are just so easy to relate to.

But maybe, like I always plan but never seem to follow through, maybe this time what I am upto, won’t lead to any disastrous mistakes. If what I am upto isn’t a mistake all on its own.

Maybe all I need is to have a little more faith in myself, but since I always seem to let myself down one way or the other, that is always hard to do. The several attempts I make to be more grown up, it all seems to keep failing.

But life is changing, drastically for that matter. Grown-up decisions need to be made, and I need to make them all by myself too. Then again, since I only seem to make poor decisions when it comes to myself and really good decisions when it comes to someone else, I am going to treat myself like a third person.



Monkey Meat

24 Jun

I have been dating someone who treats my heart like it’s monkey meat. I feel like a delusional, invisible person half the time so I need to learn what it’s like to be treated well before it’s too late for me.

– Hannah.


Depths of Winter

13 Jun

In the depths of winter I finally learned there was, in me, an invincible summer.