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Sundowns of Summer

25 Jun

Even more excruciating than the summer heat was the wait for the dusks that took almost forever to come. For she desired nothing more than to experience the wave of silence that washed over the city as the sunk began to sink, to feel that time is after all, unstill and constantly changing.


100 Degrees Fahrenheit? No AC? No Problem

4 Jul

So since the thermostat is literally reading a 100 degrees, and there is nothing to beat this heat, and even my new fan ain’t helping and my head is spinning round and when I relate to this song and it makes me laugh… I am here melting ice cube after ice cube on me, oh and dancing around with my skull candy’s on too =)

Thankfully, I am home alone.

Yeah, i find a bright side to everything one way or the other. Happy 4th of July lol!