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Daughter: Story Of A Girl

6 Mar

Tranquil state of mind
Suddenly sodden in chaos

Escape would mean fight
Fight would mean courage

But taught the art
Of neither, she understood

Destiny to be of
Only sacrifice and submission.


The Abused

7 Dec

You know about
all the horrible things
that could
happen to a woman?
Well, imagine it all
happening to one –
to be touched too young,
to be cheated on,
to be verbally, emotionally
and physically abused,
to endure sexual assault and rape.
Over and over, again, and again.
And you wonder why she
shies away from your love?
Because what destroyed her
is not where her happily ever after
can ever lie.
You created the poison
that runs through her veins now,
yet can’t stand how bitter it tastes.
Tired of circles,
she is heading on a straight path,
to find peace and happiness
of solitude
in her castle of thorns.

The Abused

10 Nov

Tough was something she had to be,
but all sorts of fears crawled about
right under her skin.
She would pretend well
that her skin was thick
and she doesn’t bleed,
but when she had to face her fears,
she crumbled and surrendered.

After all, she was never taught
that she mattered.
And holding to the feeling of worthlessness tight,
she never once could for herself fight.


29 Oct

Go ahead and cry
Little girl
Let those tears
Roll down your cheeks
Drown the whole world
In the pain it made you feel
Let them suffer
How they made you suffer
So cry little girl
Shed those vengeful tears
You know they will
Avenge you soon
And set you free
So cry.

Queen Solitary

18 Jul

She had heard of all those knights
With swords and shields
Slaying dragons and beasts
To rescue the beautiful and the brainless
Princesses and damsels in distress
Only to enslave them forever after

Refusing to be rescued to belong
She knew of only one entity
That would guard her solitary forever long
She traded the fire and the canines
For the unseen, placid vacuum
That all would die if they ever crossed the line.


5 Jul

You gather up the fingerprints
The strangers left on your body
Feeling traces of them on every inch of your skin
You don’t have to feel ashamed
They won’t last
Just like dead epidermis
Their long gone touch will too shed.

Mirror, Mirror

3 Jul

Mirror, mirror
In my lover’s eye
Show me the beauty that I do not see
Show me my cracks he fills up with his love
Show me my bruises that he soothes with his touch
Show me that within me, lies a spark of impeccability not heard about much.

Once Upon A Decade

1 Jul

21, 21
Amateur legal, ready to be the girl who “just wanna have fun”

22, 22
So young, fresh graduate, thrown into the world brand new

23, 23
Living simply, no ties, oh how she loved being so free

24, 24
She realized she wasn’t enough, she needed to be more

25, 25
Imagined she would have a thriving career and maybe even be a loving wife

26, 26
There just never seems to be enough vodka in her cocktail mix

27, 27
If she were to die now, would she even be going to heaven

28, 28
Is it now time to find true love, or is she too late

29, 29
All she wishes is to go back in history, rewind

30, 30
She thought she would have it all by now; reality check decade gone still completely empty.

The Woman In Your Life

20 Jun

She is not a trophy to be won
Sometimes admired, mostly collecting dust.

She is an evergreen plant.
She needs to be watered constantly
With love, compassion & loyalty
So she may grow flowers to add beauty to your miserable life
Purify the air for you to breathe
So she may be the root of your completeness
The stem holding your life upright.

The Inferior Angel

20 Jun

She has been the one to light your way
She has been the one to wash away your cares
She has been the one to comfort you
To sing you out of your blues.

But your unfortunate eyes never could see
Beneath her unpretty exterior
Laid everything you wanted a girl to be
The beautiful angel you treated like your inferior.