Archive | July, 2015


30 Jul

Caressing fingers

On bare skin

Dawn comfort

Emerge passion

Lock away in lust.


Birth A Devil

24 Jul

I still see you, living your mundane routine, never able to see me. I watch you as no burden is too heavy for you anymore, And despite that hollow pit in my stomach, I smile – because I taught you how to curve up your mouth again. I taught you how to face your fears and I taught you the art of slaying your demons. I taught you how to find happiness, which eventually drove you away from me. Your happiness cost me mine, and has birthed a devil inside me that wishes to take it all away from you, just so you would return to where you have always felt your safest.

Tough Love

19 Jul

She wasn’t easy to love. Not even close to it. They loved to be lied to, but she never walked in to sugarcoat minds into a state of delusion. She lost everyone far too quickly, because no one could handle the truth in its raw. And she had no time to hug and comfort souls that had no interest in honesty; she had no time to be unappreciated.


15 Jul

Lines that appear with age have started to show

Hearts that never learn have fallen so low

Forgotten they seemed to have

That seeds not sown will never grow

Leaving them with no true home

That they could call their own

Stayed they should have

In the warmth of the only afterglow

That had the shine to fill up all of their hollows.

The Only

12 Jul

You were the only
moment of strength
in my lifetime
of powerlessness.


8 Jul

He says to me, “You must have been hurt so many times before. I can tell by the walls you have built up around you that never let me get close enough to you. Trust once again, trust in me. Let me tear down those walls, so you never have to feel scared to love again.”

Staring blank at him, I reply, “I have not been hurt, and I have no walls. There is no flood of emotions underneath waiting to break through. You really must never have known an INTJ woman before.”


5 Jul

Having bathed in blood as a child

My ability to feel guilt had long been washed away

But where I remain too used to being drenched in the stink of wine

I can’t explain why I rather not see its color spill from your veins, too.

Edges & Cracks

2 Jul

Do not give me ideal

For it is not real.

Do not hide from me
For I, too, can seek.

Do give me the truth
And don’t lay it out smooth.

I can handle your edges
Can you not tell by my cracks?