Archive | October, 2014


31 Oct

Follow the path illuminated by the blood I shed
As layer after layer I peeled off of me
So my core stands exposed for you to know
That this is who I am, can you accept what will never stop to bleed?



29 Oct

Go ahead and cry
Little girl
Let those tears
Roll down your cheeks
Drown the whole world
In the pain it made you feel
Let them suffer
How they made you suffer
So cry little girl
Shed those vengeful tears
You know they will
Avenge you soon
And set you free
So cry.

A Writer Born

27 Oct

Somedays are going to be made of everything you can call perfect in the given moment. Then there will be days that feel like an absolute waste that you were better off without them. Progress is stagnant, chaos is absent, and everything seems to be nothing but, well… nothing.

It is in these absent moments that we feel most in connect with ourselves, and it is these moments we learn and become what we have always been, hidden under the surface, from our own consciousness. It is in this moment that we think, and we write.

Eternity Of Despair

23 Oct

If you could only love what you always needed, maybe you could escape the eternity of despair you always found where you pointlessly looked for love.

Lost Cause

21 Oct

Why do you push so hard?
I can suggest something
better for you.
Do what the wise ones do –
accept that I am
a lost cause
and leave me
the fuck alone.


19 Oct

She never bothered fixing things that broke. She barely just put the shattered pieces next to each other, and absorbed how perfect they could look. But always let them fall apart in the end.

They were her.

She did not understand the need to fix herself. Because what others perceived as broken, what others called emptiness, was the most complete she had ever felt. Between her pieces slipped in everything wonderfully true she did not have room to learn before.

She was growing. Her self was infinite.


15 Oct

She barely holds a candle flickering to show you the way
Lets go when it melts on her finger
I light my soul up on fire till you have safely climbed out of the darkness
This is how unafraid I am to die saving your sorry ass.

Repulsive Creations

12 Oct

With a fire that burned us down to the bone
‘No’ was never something that could slip out of our lips
Taste so good in the dark but equally repulsive in the morning
As your hot breath turns stale
And perfume fades into the sweat
Backs to each other we depart
How could love cross our minds
When the lust we create can bring us back to life?


10 Oct

And behind her silent beauty
Laid the most obnoxious of imperfections
They screamed beneath her pores
Yearning to be freed
Desperate to be revealed
Unable to conceal any longer
She stood there
Exposed and unashamed
Her terrible truth finally
Reflecting in his eyes
The best he had ever seen of her several faces
Afraid no longer
Of what she had always been.


7 Oct

Absorb every bit of my pure
To purify yourself from within
Know that I would give up everything good in store for me
To add even a gram of good to your stockpile
I’d build your heaven
Residing in the deepest fires of hell
And that is how you will know
That my love for you is painfully eternal.